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Who We Are

We are a team of top-class professionals with expertise in different industries. Our executives have worked as CEOs, CFOs and in other senior positions in top multi-national companies and represent the best talent available globally.


We are passionate about the ASEAN region, one of the highest growth markets in the world, and believe it will be the market of choice for all forward-looking international companies.


We seek to create value for our clients and their customers in ASEAN, and so contribute to the prosperity of ASEAN nations and their people.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the dependable and trusted partner of choice for international companies operating in ASEAN.

We will endeavor to leverage our Team’s vast local experience and network to identify opportunities in the local market and connect our international customers with trustworthy local partners and chart their path to sustainable success and profitability.

We commit to helping our customers successfully enter and navigate this exciting but challenging market, and to guide them along their ASEAN journey.

Our Values & Guiding Principles


We have set high moral and ethical standards, and always conduct ourselves with integrity and purpose. We do not take on business or engage in activities which compromise these standards.

Creating value

We will work energetically to constantly create value: for our customers, our staff, for the people we work with and for the countries we work in. We will constantly work to make a difference and we will be a force for good.


Respect and inclusivity

We will treat everyone – staff, customers, business partners – with respect and humility. We do not discriminate on gender, sexual orientation colour, ethnicity, age, religion or any other such characteristic. We are a diverse team which embraces and welcomes differences.


We will be transparent, clear and honest in all interactions with customers, staff and stakeholders. We will never promise more than we are able to deliver, and we will always strive to exceed expectations.

Socially responsible

We believe connecting ASEAN with other countries will help develop ASEAN and benefit the economies and people involved. We will partner with companies that support our vision without endangering the environment or creating unfair labour practices.


Giving back to society

We are privileged to be in ASEAN, and we want to give back to society. 10% of our annual profits will be allocated to help the disadvantaged in our ASEAN community have a better chance to succeed. Our primary focus areas will be children’s education and women’s empowerment.

Our Logo

The sun in our logo represents the warmth and optimism of emerging markets, as well as the brightness of a new day dawning.


The 10 rays of the sun represent the 10 ASEAN countries.


The colour red is the colour of fire and blood, associated with courage, strength and passion. Red and white are the colours represented most often in the individual flags of ASEAN countries.


And the handshake represents the strong, productive partnership and friendship that ASEAN Business Partners commits to you. Helping you to succeed in Asia.


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