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Already in ASEAN?

 Asean Business Partners is the trusted partner for businesses looking to optimise their operations and maximise their potential in the high growth ASEAN region. Perhaps your company has not been able to attain the size and competitiveness required to achieve the desired performance. We can help you analyse and identify the issue(s) and take the required steps to address them.


Your engagement with us starts with initial discussions with our Client Relations team located close to you and is followed by detailed interaction and close working with the Country Management team based on the ground in Asia.


For companies already in ASEAN and seeking to optimise performance, we can help you address and resolve your strategic and operational issues and improve competitiveness.

Resolve local operational challenges

  • We help you to identify the right (and wrong) JV partners, business associates, distributors, vendors, etc – and connect you with our knowledgeable Country Management Team
  • We analyse and work to resolve your chronic functional support issues related to infrastructure, property, IT, HR, finance or legal, etc
  •  We recognise and help you to better understand and manage the myriad operational hazards in country, including legal risk and liabilities
  •  This includes your evolving regulatory requirements (licencing, permits, compliance, labour, etc) and tax planning

Maximise revenue opportunities

  • Together, let’s (re-)assess your commercial strategy using the best, updated market knowledge and data
  • You benefit from the access to decision-makers through our corporate and personal network, well-established in both private and government arenas (please note the strength of our Advisory Board and Management teams)
  • This will all better inform your company of the latest government plans, agreements and directives including tax concessions
  • We will also seek to improve your staff recruitment, retention, payroll
  • And help to optimise your company’s funding, foreign exchange and banking needs

Re-evaluate your business

  • If your corporate costs are ballooning, pass responsibility for key operations to us with capped recurring expenses, commitment and risk
  • We can help to establish and run your core operations utilising our own local, in-house resources. You can (re-)assume part or full responsibility – or exit – at any time
  • We may suggest that you expand operations better to utilise fixed cost platforms (property, distribution, resourcing, etc)
  • You can engage us to conduct a commercial “health check” of your business, encompassing some or all the above, without any further obligation from you

For a more detailed discussion, contact Asean Business Partners.


To get more details, please reach out to either our Clients Relations team based in USA, Europe and Asia or our Country Management team based in the ASEAN country of your choice. We will be glad to talk to you or meet you virtually or in person, at a time that suits you.


Several options to contact us are available on this website. Please click on Contact Us to get details.


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