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Growth driven by garments exports and tourism

Cambodia receives trade privileges from many large economies

Special economic zones play key role in attracting MNCs

Cambodia among top ten garments exporters in the world

Angkor Temple largest religious monument in the world

Government has controlled widespread community level transmission

To round off…

Cambodia is one of Asia’s, and ASEAN’s, smaller economies, with a population of just 17m and GDP at US$ 27BN in 2019. But from this modest base the country has produced consistently rapid growth, the fastest in Asia, at 7% in recent years. Cambodia’s stable government continues to nurture this success with a range of investor-friendly policies co-ordinated at the highest levels of government, attracting very significant FDI inflows particularly into its burgeoning textiles sector. Entrepreneurial opportunity abounds for investors: the scale can be relatively modest yet returns remain impressive. Visitors here will relish lasting legacies from the Khmer Empire, so vital in Asia 1000 years ago – for such an ancient world, much still remains to be discovered. Come and pay ASEAN Business Partners a visit and we’ll be glad to discuss how your business can benefit from this brilliant opportunity.


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