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Backed by strong trade and investment partnerships in the region

Government focused on long-term economic growth with national plan

President Vorachith is the de facto leader of Laos

Big exporter of electricity to neighbouring countries

Tourists from the West attracted to unexplored destinations

Economic health cause for concern

To round off…

Laos is a communist state but, like China before it, has opened itself to planned foreign investment and economic revitalisation. 12 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have attracted some 400 foreign and domestic companies including Nikon, Essilor and Toyota. China has been a major investor (not just through One Belt, One Road) along with Vietnam, Thailand and the Netherlands. GDP at US$18BN will continue to rise rapidly off its modest base. The country is blessed with valuable natural resources; yet retains spectacular, unspoilt landscapes and a rich cultural heritage for visitors to admire. Please contact Asean Business Partners and we’ll be glad to discuss how your business can benefit from a fascinating range of Laotian opportunity.


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