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Business Proposition

Asean Business Partners is the trusted partner for international investors looking at business opportunities in the high growth ASEAN region. We help you understand the ASEAN markets, evaluate the opportunities and decide on the right strategy to enter the market. We help you build a strong foundation for a successful and future ready ASEAN business.


Your ASEAN journey starts with initial discussions with our Client Relations team located close to you and is followed by detailed interaction and close working with the Country Management team based on the ground in Asia.


We can assist you by designing a customized market entry strategy for you, including a shortlist of which ASEAN country to invest in and also guide you on how to enter. We can work with you to implement the strategy successfully capping total costs and mitigating risks.

Evaluate Your Asian Opportunity

  • Connect initially with our professional Client Relations teams based in USA, Europe, and Asia to identify the opportunities for your company;
  • Our local Country Management teams will understand your business and your ASEAN aspirations in great detail and conduct customised industry and sector research to assist in your decision making;
  • We will the arrange country visits for your teams and connect you with key policy makers, regulators and experts from different fields;
  • Our on-ground experts and online Knowledge Centre will update you on the trade agreements, relevant treaties, tax incentives and highlight local hazards (operational, logistical, legal, cultural, financial risks etc.);
  • We will provide you with all the inputs required and assist in selecting the right location and ASEAN market for your business;
  • We will evaluate the different structures available to enter the chosen market including sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, servicing etc.

Design Your Market Entry Strategy

  • Once the country is selected, our specialists can assist your company to produce a detailed market entry strategy reflecting market characteristics and your company’s objectives;
  • We can advise and assist on options for strategic partnerships, identifying joint venture partners, local directors, distributors and evaluating potential acquisitions or business connection opportunities;
  • We can help you prepare comprehensive business plan including budgets, forecasts and draw timelines for stakeholder approvals;
  • We can offer guidance on selecting suitable cities, provinces or districts for your office premises; and to set up factories, manufacturing, distribution centres, etc

Execute and Implement

You may not wish to commit significant resources into your ASEAN venture initially, until it demonstrates commercial viability and sustainability. Even start up commitments can be problematic and expensive to exit.

  • We offer a “company in a box” option, professionally resourced to meet the developing operational needs of your start up for sales and marketing, market research, event management, legal, regulatory, financial, HR, IT and other functions;
  • We can help you get your company registered, assist in applying for the various approvals and permits that may be required;
  • We can assist you to recruit these key professionals directly; or provide our shared resources for support services to assist in your operations;
  • We can connect you with reliable partners and vendors to manage areas like legal, taxation, human resources, finance, technology etc. at reasonable cost.

In summary, every activity that your company needs to engage in can be resourced to us and in case we are unable to provide resources ourselves, or there is a need for specialized expert advice (such as formal accounting, tax and complex legal issues), we will recommend the right outsourced firm to provide trustworthy, dependable service to you.

Your expenses are easily capped and managed under monthly retainer – avoiding legal and other corporate tail liabilities with an option to exit at pre-agreed milestones.

Incubate and On-going Support

  • We offer an option to use our incubation model to reduce costs and risks of market entry, and speed up deliverables;
  • Our Country Management team provides guidance and regular inputs on local issues, partners and competition to make necessary modifications in your business model as commercial considerations dictate;
  • You can remain updated with relevant developments nationally though our Knowledge Centre, written research, unrivalled local network and updated expertise;
  • We can assist in conducting periodic assessment of the progress and performance of your ASEAN operations and help improve outcomes.

For a more detailed discussion, contact Asean Business Partners.


To get more details, please reach out to either our Clients Relations team based in USA, Europe and Asia or our Country Management team based in the ASEAN country of your choice. We will be glad to talk to you or meet you virtually or in person, at a time that suits you.


Several options to contact us are available on this website. Please click on Contact Us to get details.


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