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The country is a hub for automotive, electronics and tourism industries

Government reaching out to companies hit by US-China trade war with new stimulus package

Manufacturing & financial sectors attract largest share of overseas investment

Eastern Economic Corridor forms the backbone of infrastructure development

Twin advantage of strategic location and important trade treaties

Thailand implementing plan to revive tourism in post-Covid scenario

To round off…

Thailand has grown into a very significant economy within ASEAN. It is the bloc’s 2nd-largest with GDP exceeding US$544BN in 2019, representing 17% of ASEAN’s total. Government policies, both historical and current, continue successfully to attract foreign capital with ambitious initiatives to improve infrastructure, digitalisation and ease of doing business. Like Vietnam, Thailand is well-placed to pick up investment overflow from China if global politics dictates it, and as “China plus one”. Thai nationals are culturally mixed, but share a spiritual calm and entrepreneurial zeal – all this, and the best food in Asia! Come and pay ASEAN Business Partners a visit and we’ll be glad to discuss how your business will benefit from this brilliant opportunity.


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